Arizona Home Loan Modification Basics

Who Qualifies for a Arizona Home Loan Modification?


The purpose of this document is to explain the Arizona Home Loan Modification service offered by The Butler Law Office. Millions of Arizona homeowners are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments and many are going into default. We have a solution for virtually every Arizona homeowner in this position.


These are turbulent financial times, and Arizona homeowners are being hit especially hard by recent economic crises. If you are struggling to make your loan payments or worry about foreclosure, your best option may be a Arizona Home Loan Modification.


The essential requirement to qualify for a Arizona Home Loan Modification is financial hardship. Some good examples of loan-specific hardships include:


    • Those who are a few months behind on their payments.
    • Those with negative amortization loans. (the payment is lower than the interest rate, so the balance owed actually grows)
    • Those with ARM loans that are about to adjust or have very recently adjusted.
    • Those who are upside down on their loans. (they owe more than the home is worth)

Additionally, personal financial hardships are taken into account. These can include:

  • Reduced Income,
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Failed Businesses or Loss of Employment


Are there other companies doing Arizona Home Loan Modification?


The simple answer is yes. What is CRUCIAL to note is that not all Arizona Home Loan Modification are created equal. There are many companies and individuals trying to start companies offering this service. There are many people trying to offer Arizona Home Loan Modification services for less than you will find at The Butler Law Office. Many of these companies have a tremendous front end sales pitch, but do not actually perform. We have heard many stories of companies outright stealing money from clients, and others who have not performed but have still kept the fees paid. Arizona Home Loan Modifications can take several months. It is VITAL to regularly communicate with the homeowner so they can be kept up to date on what is happening with their files. This area alone is where most companies will fail. We STRONGLY advise you to BE CAREFUL WHO YOU HIRE!


The Butler Law Office. has over thirty three years of legal experience without a single ethical complaint, so you can be assured that you will be in good hands by hiring us.