Debt Settlement for Arizona Residents

Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona is not the only option to resolve your debts. Depending on the situation, some people are better off not filing Bankruptcy in Arizona, and others simply do not want to file Bankruptcy in Arizona. Our office can help resolve these situations by negotiating a reduced payoff of your debts. While every situation is different, it is not uncommon to negotiate a reduction of 70-80 percent of the debt balance.


Unlike many other Arizona Debt Settlement Offices, attorney’s fees at Legal AZ ARE NOT based upon the amount of the debt, or the amount of the settlement. We charge for this service on a straight hourly basis, which is almost always less than what you might pay under a percentage based fee arrangement.


The Arizona Debt Settlement Process typically involves collecting your financial information, understanding your hardship, packaging the information for submission to the lender, and negotiating a reduced payoff amount with the lender. In these negotiations, we can usually negotiate for either a lump sum payoff or a payoff in monthly payments over a period of time, depending upon your needs. We have been very successful in resolving the following types of debts for our clients:



Legal AZ has over thirty three years of experience and can help you make a debt settlement decision that will be best for you or your business!