Foreclosure and Debt Defense

In today’s financial environment real estate foreclosures and debt collection efforts are much more common than in prior years. Legal AZ has represented numerous clients in defending against these efforts. Sometimes, the simplest and most efficient response is to file a Bankruptcy proceeding, which will stop the foreclosure and collection lawsuit.


For various reasons, some clients are not positioned to file bankruptcy, or would prefer an alternative route, including settlement of the debt. And, some clients have legitimate defenses which should be presented in the litigation, including mistakes made by the lender in making or documenting the loan.


Legal AZ has extensive experience in the areas of Foreclosure and debt defense. Our office has successfully overturned foreclosure sales, see Krohn v. Sweetheart Properties, and has convinced other lenders to set aside foreclosure sales due to errors made in the foreclosure process.


We have also successfully settled many other collection matters, usually for 20-30% on the dollar, sometimes with cash settlements, often with terms very favorable to the borrower.


Legal AZ has over thirty three years of experience and can help you make a decision that will be best for you!