If you have been sued in a court of law, or if you need to see someone, you need an attorney. The question is—who should you hire?


Legal AZ offers a unique combination of competence, experience, and reasonable cost.


We represent individuals and small businesses in civil lawsuits, real estate lawsuits, accident lawsuits, bankruptcy lawsuits, and related matters. [Note that our office does not handle divorce, family law, or criminal matters.]


Reasons to use Legal AZ


You have many choices when you are considering how to deal with a legal dispute. Here are the reasons you should use our office:


  • Experience

    The firm’s owner, Morgan Seegmiller, has over 14 years experience practicing law, and is willing to take on cases that other firms may not. In the right situation, we are willing to take some commercial cases on a contingent fee basis.


  • Reasonable Fees

    Hourly fees for litigation services are generally lower that those charged by other firms, without compromising service or quality. e can keep our fees reasonable because we have low overhead expenses and we do not pay for advertising.


  • Personal Attention

    Unlike many of the large “TV” law firms, your case will receive individualized attention and you will have regular access to our attorneys. We will return your phone calls and keep you updated! If you visited another law firm and feel like you just met with a used car salesman, give our office a call. We give you copies of everything you sign. We will keep your informed of every step in the process.


  • Diligent Representation

    Many of the large law firms are too busy, or too specialized, to do anything beyond the “normal” case where everything goes as planned. In contrast, we will go “above and beyond” to represent you. While some cases go smoothly, others require diligent and careful attention to assure a successful result. We will lay out all your options and help you choose the best course for you.


We offer representation in the following litigation areas:



Legal AZ has over thirty three years of experience and can help you make a decision that will be best for you!