Contract Review

Real Estate Related Contracts


In Arizona, Realtors generally assist in the execution of contracts for the sale of real estate.  However, Realtors are not permitted to give legal advice regarding the consequences of your transaction, warranties, validity of contracts, mortgage debt liability, or other legal issues.  In these times of constantly changing laws, federal involvement in mortgage loans, and continual updates to the federal tax code, often an attorney is needed to identify all the issues surrounding real estate related contracts, transactions, mortgages, or disputes.  Legal AZ has experience in all of these areas and will give you certain answers to your questions.  Whether drafting needed contracts, interpreting a specific provision of an existing contract, or analyzing the ramifications of a contract breach, Legal AZ will provide accurate and useful advice for your concerns and for potential issues of which you may not be aware.


Business and Personal Contracts

Businesses and individuals are typically involved in many different types of contracts.  Different types of contracts are often subject to different sets of laws.  Special laws apply to contracts for the sale of goods (like cars, household items, etc.) that do not apply to real estate contracts (like leases or sales).  Other special laws apply to real estate contracts which are different than those that apply to lending contracts (like credit cards, student loans, or mortgages).  Legal AZ can assist you with your needs for most business and personal contracts.  We can review and analyze existing contracts to determine your legal ramifications.  We can also draft contracts for business and personal needs, whether a simple lending arrangement, a business service agreement, or whatever else you intend to do.  It is always better to spend some time to have a clear written contract, than to be involved in a lawsuit down the road because your agreement was not properly drafted.


Legal AZ has over thirty three years of experience and can help you with all your contract needs.