Be Careful Who You Hire

Avoid Rip off Schemes and Con Artists.


Unfortunately, not everyone who contacts you is truly interested in helping you. In the recent past some of our clients have been contacted by companies or individuals who offer to help modify their loan or save their home from foreclosure. Some of these individuals are legitimate, but some ARE NOT! Some will take your money and then DO NOTHING. The United States Department of the Treasury has even issued a Press Release about fraudulent and unscrupulous loan modification companies! You will do best to hire a reputable firm who charges a reasonable fee.


Using Legal AZ Makes Sense!


  • Our office is local. You know where to find us.
  • Pursuant to guidelines promulgated by the federal government, we bill hourly for our services against a retainer.
  • We answer the phone!
  • We keep you advised of our progress.

The Legal AZ has over thirty three years of legal experience and can assist you in obtaining a loan modification to make your home more affordable!